Friday, September 17, 2010


Play your own version of Balderdash!
On 3- 4 small pieces of paper write a different word that your children have most likely never heard before.

Choose one of the words and read it aloud. Have your children think about what that word might mean, and write it down (so nobody else can see)
If your child is too young to write words, ask them to whisper their answer in your ear, then write it down for them.

Write down a made up answer yourself, and on a separate piece of paper write the correct answer.

Read all of the answers aloud and have each child vote on the definition that they think is the real one.

Give them a point if they guess the one that is actually correct. Also give them a point if somebody else voted for their definition!

When the game is over, review the words and definitions so that they remember their meanings!

Collect some data...

Then have your child graph it!

Any topic will do. Movies, toys, dynamics...

Try different kinds of graphs and have fun with them.

Read 2 stories about different characters. When you're done with the stories, have your child compare the two main characters, using a 'bubble graph' (which is not it's real's just what I call it. ) How were they alike? How were they different?

(Our book was about two sisters the 'big' sister and the 'little' sister.)

Make a different bubble graph and have your child compare him/herself to a sibling or other relative. How are they similar to their relative, and how are they different?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shiny Art and Daddy Traps

Use markers to create a colorful picture on a piece of Aluminum foil.

Explain what the words 'True' and 'False' mean, then create a list of True and False Statements. Read each statement aloud and have your child circle the 'T' if they think it is True, and the 'F' if they think it is false. Share the correct answers at the end!

Set up a room full of booby traps for when Daddy comes home !
(This one spilled water on Daddy's shoes when he picked up the bag of cookies )
These Stuffed Animals (which were tied to the bed) were waiting to be swung at Daddy when he walked by.
The possibilities are endless....

But if you find that you need a little inspiration, just watch Home Alone. :)